Minetest – Deep hole drop

October 22nd, 2014

I just want to see how well my site will host videos. Sometimes they are too small to bother with youtube.
Big Drop


October 21st, 2014


October 8th, 2014

This is the first time I ever wished I has a super wide angle lens.

Boredom is always one’s own fault

September 28th, 2014

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August 21st, 2014

I was walking past the door and saw a bird. The glass is tinted and reflective from outside, so I don’t it could see me. Since it didn’t fly away, I went back to my office to grab my camera. When I returned, there were two birds.

f/9 1.1250 ISO2000 70mm

f/9 1.1250 ISO2000 70mm

I think it came out ok in spite of the fact that I had accidentally left the ISO on 2000 and was shooting through a dirty, tinted glass door. I wish I could have used f/3.5 and a much lower ISO.

I thought I knew what a ghost town was.

August 19th, 2014

Saguaro in Arizona

The Wikipedia defines a ghost town as

“…an abandoned village, town or city, usually one which contains substantial visible remains.”

The quick definition of ghost town from Merriam Webster says it is

“a town that no longer has any people living in it : an abandoned town”.

These agree with what I always thought it was. So when I saw a fast fact on some tweet that Texas has over 450 ghost towns, I decided I had to find out if one was close enough for me to go see. This led me to a Wikipedia list of Texas ghost towns.

I searched the page for counties near me. First thing I found was Pyote. Pyote is so close, I can probably walk there. It is in our school district! People live there! How is that a ghost town? There is a post office. There’s a grocery store. What am I missing? The next town to catch my eye was Terlingua. Isn’t that where the International Championship Chili Cookoff has been held for the last half century?!?

How many populated cities are in this list? I’m disgusted and I’m not going to check them all.

Science produces too many long words.

July 24th, 2014


Light Curtain

May 23rd, 2014


Do you see that curtain of light rays? Imagine what I could have gotten if I’d had my camera with me.

Pretty! Pretty! Shiny! Shiny!

May 14th, 2014

I got to thinking I own a lot of good purple stuff now, just like I always wanted to. Something still on the purple wish list is a car. So I googled “purple cars” to see if I could find a good one to show you the color I want. I found this:

1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe

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Fire in the Sky

May 8th, 2014

Here’s another shot from that huge storm cell. This one was taken at a lower ISO and the colors came out very differently. I’ve cropped it in to a panorama to showcase the lightning.

Fire in the Sky

I suggest viewing it fullscreened on the largest monitor you can find.