Rescued Chey’s car

When I got home from Dallas, my daughter told me we had to go rescue her car from the middle of another county. It had already been sitting there for days when I finally got to it. I tried my best to jump it, but nothing worked. A man who stopped to help suggested we check the oil. Not a single drop. The battery and starter were both fine. The car died when the engine seized. Now we had the sad business of getting a dead car 52km back to the house before it got her in legal trouble.

The best quote we got for a tow truck was $350! I had no idea it could be that much. It wasn’t the best option, but I decided we had to get a chain and pull it. I went to the auto parts store to buy a chain the next day. It was over $60. This was terrible. We had to do something soon. I told Chey to go to Harbor Freight and get a good heavy one for $30. She called me from WalMart and said she got it there for $20 instead. Only the chain she came home with looked like it was for holding up a swing on a swingset, not for towing a car. We went back out anyway. We drove all the way out before she realised she forgot to bring her keys. When we arrived the second time, we immediately broke the chain which wasn’t long enough to begin with. She wanted to give up, but I had another idea.

I pushed her car all the way back home, bumper to bumper.

We put her car all the way back in our own driveway. And with the exception of a bit of scratched paint on her bumper, we did it all without breaking anything! The only real trouble was about six miles out when her battery died and her headlights went out. But we were not far from the well lit populated area, so we pressed on.

The thing about towing or pushing is that you don’t get to go near as fast as you might like, so now that I’m finally home, it’s 3am. I need to go to bed. I have work in the morning. Good night.

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