Pizza Hut Problems

We came home late and nobody wanted to cook, so I decided to take advantage of Pizza Hut’s $4 P’zone deal. I’ve had these before, and I love them. They are big enough to make two meals out of. It’s like a whole pizza, folded in half, with no sauce. I usually order my pizza without sauce anyway. My wife was not so happy with hers, though.

It seemed a bit flimsy, so she peeled it open to reveal that there were only 8 slices of pepperoni on the whole thing!

According to the Pizza hut website,

“If pepperoni’s your passion – lots and lots of pepperoni – this is your P’Zone.”

Pizza Hut menu image of pepperoni P'zone

I realise menu pictures can’t always be entirely accurate, but this is not right! This is certainly not representative of Pizza Hut, or even of this local store. I don’t know who was on the line that night, but I bet they got a pretty serious talking to after this. Long story short, our entire meal was credited back to us, which means we get to do it again for free on Monday. We’ll see how it goes.

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